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In addition to personalization and preloading data processes we develop software applications that will transform your device in a unique and "intelligent" pendrive.

In addition to the custom made manufacturing, Customdrives® has configured some development services, with a standardization process that allows us to produce high level multimedia products for an incredibly reasonable price. The whole process is on line so that we minimize the development cost. Would you like to include in your device information about your products or company? Do not limit your device capacity with text documents.

Customdrives® is used to produce multimedia graphic interfaces and animated presentations that will help you to present the content with a visual and attractive format. Our clients are frequently surprised by the low prices of this kind of multimedia services that convert documents into multimedia media.

We can develop custom made software applications and adapt standard applications to convert your devices in an intelligent tool fully adapted to your necessities. Our computer engineers are capable of adapting or developing any custom made solution you may need. Please get in contact with our Sales Department and we will choose the best solution according to your needs.

We are also capable of providing your device with Windows operative system functions such as:


Background Image in the USB File unit

Your logo in the taskbar

Personalized Name in the USB File unit

Personalized menu with a great variety of access possibilities (documents, programs, a website…)

Scroll down advertisement suited in the taskbar
* Some multimedia services depend on the operative system and its configuration. Please ask us about these services and its possibilities clicking here
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