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Graphic Design
Customdrives®Has a Graphic Design and a CAD Department that cover the following services:

Necessary modifications in order to work with the material sent by the client.
There are cases in which the measures given by the client do not adjust to the manufacturing possibilities. In this department we work with this material and adjust it so that your USB flash drives (USB memories, USB keys, USB pencil), accessories and packaging have the best professional result. “Your satisfaction is our satisfaction”.

If you do not work with a specific advertising agency or design Department, we offer you a professional team of Designers, to create, develop and finish your USB Pen Drives.
As we are specialized in the Design and Layout of the formats we manufacture, we can offer very competitive prices: “You should only relax and let us work for you”.

Design and CAD molding.
Leader in modelling and manufacturing of USB flash drives with custom made shapes. We are leaders in Design, Technology, Quality and Service. We can shape your idea even with small quantities. In this cases we use rubber (allows a cheaper mould and a short production period).For major quantities we work with other materials such as PVC, Metal, Wood, etc. Our expert designers start the manufacturing process of the shaped models of the CUSTOM series with 3D format files (CAD, CAM, CAE). Sometimes, when the design is not very complex, it is even possible to work with 2D Vector Files, preparing the 3 model views(.ai, .cdr o .fh):
  1. Front views (front and back)
  2. Side view
  3. Top view
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