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Q-Best Quality
ISO 9001:2000- y QC080000 certificates warranty the quality of our products.

We only use high quality Nand-Flash Memory. We never use the dangerous downgrade* memories. The collaboration agreements with Samsung, Toshiba, Hynix and Intel assure the high quality of our products. They fulfill RoHS directives and USB-If norms.


Our team of engineers warrantees the quality of our products under exhaustive quality controls.

The Nand Flash controllers used in our products also warranty the best quality: SMI, Phison and USBest.

Our RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is only 0.2% !!!

* What is a "downgraded" memory?

we have been observing the emergence of small companies that offer products based in Nand Flash Memory (most of all pen drives) at very low prices and poor quality.

Some memory manufacturers mark these damaged units as "downgraded" and sell them at cheaper prices (lowering prices up to 15%)

It has been proved that this type of downgraded memory does not work properly and causes many errors. This is the reason why manufacturers want to sell them cheap and quickly. Most common errors that occur with downgraded memories are:
  • Very high RMA rate. Many damaged units.
  • Errors when saving information. Too many faulty cells.
  • Reduction of Reading/Writing Speed up to 50%
  • Customdrives® We never use "downgrade" memories in our products. It could be easier for us, but we are really proud of having established this quality policy in our company. Our suggestion is the following: You should always demand the quality you deserve but please do not trust too low prices.
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