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  • The Rights of intellectual property of the web, its design, structure of navigation, code source with codes of language HTML, PHP, ActionScript, JavaScript, and Flash between others, its databases as well as each of the different elements contained in the website are a B.I.G entitlement., S.L.; that such entity has only the exclusive exercise of the rights of development of the same ones in any form and, especially, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

  • These general conditions regulate the access and use of the finished website that B.I.G., S.L. sets free at the disposal of the Internet users. The access to the above mentioned place implies its acceptance without reservations. The use of certain services offered in this place will be ruled also by the particular conditions foreseen in every case, which will be understood and accepted by the mere use of such services.

  • The users who gain access to the web are definitely authorized to view of all the information, to print and to partially download the content only and exclusively if the following conditions meet:

  • That is realized if the reproduced elements are destined only for personal and private use. It prohibits itself, therefore, definitely its use with commercial ends or for its distribution, communication publishes, transformation, including its mailing across e-mail. Also it is prohibited that to be transferred or transmitted the above mentioned contents to third or to settle in any connected servant directly or by implication to a local and Internet network, so that a group of third could have access to the above mentioned information.

  • That none of the contents related in this web are modified in an any way.
  • That no graph, icon or available image in this web is used, copied or distributed separately of the text or the rest of images that accompany it. Any infraction of the prohibitions and limitations contained in this paragraph - as well as in any of the following ones - will repute infraction of the rights of intellectual property B.I.G entitlement., S.L. and it will give place to the responsibilities legally established to the effect, being able to be chased by the last one by means of the exercise of the administrative, civil or penal actions that, in its case, correspond.

  • B.I.G., S.L. reserves the faculty to carry out whenever it is necessary and without need for previous notice, all the modifications and updates of the information contained in its web, so much in its version in Spanish, German as in English, of the configuration and presentation of this one and of the conditions of access.
  • B.I.G., S.L. does not warrantees the nonexistence of interruptions or errors neither in the access to its web nor in its different contents. It does not also warranty that this one is always and in all the cases updated, although it will develop its best efforts, in its case, to avoid them, to correct them or to update saying contained as soon as possible. B.I.G., S.L. does not assume any type of responsibility for any of the informations contained in other webs to which the web Duradisc could send across hypertext linkage or "links".
  • B.I.G., S.L. neither assumes responsibility any derivative of the authorization or contents of the linkage of third to that one alludes in the web, nor warrantees the absence of virus or other elements in the same ones that could produce alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), the documents or the files of the user, excluding any responsibility for the damages of any class caused to the user for this motive

  • So much the access to this web as the use that could make of the information contained in the same one performs the exclusive responsibility of the one who realizes it. B.I.G., S.L. will not answer of any consequence, damage or damage that could stem from the above mentioned access or use of the information. B.I.G., S.L. does not become responsible for the possible errors of safety that could take place not of the possible damages that could be caused to the computer system of the user (hardware and software) as well as of the files or documents stored in the same one, as a result of the presence of virus in the computer of the user used for the connection to the services and contents of the web, of a bad functioning of the navigator or of the use of not updated versions of the same one.

  • Also B.I.G., S.L. is a holder of the rights of industrial property recounted to its products and services, and specially of the relative ones to the registered trademark "CUSTOMDRIVES". With regard to the appointments of products and services of third B.I.G., S.L. recognizes in favor of its holders the right correspondents of industrial and intellectual property, without involving its alone mention or appearance in the web the existence of rights or any responsibility of B.I.G., S.L. on the same ones, like neither support, patronage, recommendation on the part of B.I.G., S.L.

  • Not authorized use of any information contained in this web, its resale, as well as the injury of the rights of Intellectual or Industrial Property of B.I.G., S.L., will give place to the responsibilities legally established

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  • Macromedia Flash player 8
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  • RealPlayer: For the access to contents in "streaming" of audio and/or video.
  • Windows Media Player: To have access to contents with numerous formats of audio and video.

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